Physical and Mental Strength: when applied as a spray on the body during periods of stress or when feeling exhausted, there is an immediate and palpable improvement in physical and mental strength. Pine improves stamina in general and athletes will find it a great help during periods of intense training.

Antiseptic and Antibacterial: pine is antiseptic, antibacterial, mildly antifungal and decongestant; choose it for the respiratory, lymphatic and reproductive systems in oral, internal or topical applications.

Cardiovascular System: experimental properties of internal use include reduction of blood pressure, cholesterol and arterial plaque.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD): treats attention deficit disorder (ADD) in adults in combination with cinnamon leaf hydrosol.

Vitamin A and C: pine needles have up to four times more vitamin C than oranges, only distillation at low temperatures can preserve the plant's water-soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, useful for eyesight, hair, skin and blood cell production.

Source of Suramine: pine needles and buds are rich in Suramine, Suramine has inhibitory effects against components of the coagulation cascade and against replication and inappropriate modification of RNA and DNA. Being highly water-soluble, we find more of it in the hydrolate than in the essential oil.

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