Boosting the Immune System: pine needles contain four to five times more vitamin C than orange juice. This high dose of vitamin C can stimulate white blood cell production, promote antioxidant activity throughout the body, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and accelerate healing and collagen production.

Natural Source of Suramine: pine needles are the best natural source of Suramine, a powerful antiviral. Suramine's benefits are believed to be particularly useful in cases of blood clots, protecting DNA and RNA.Respiratory conditions: it can force the expulsion of mucus and phlegm, effectively eliminating bacteria and other pathogens present. The decongestant nature helps clear sinuses and relieve pressure and sinus headaches.

Depression: pine needles can help us fight depression and gain mental clarity, as well as relax and sleep better.

Sight Health: Vitamin A is found in a remarkable concentration in pine needle tea. This antioxidant vitamin contributes specifically to vision health and can help prevent oxidative stress in and around eye tissues, slowing the onset of cataracts and preventing macular degeneration.

Blood Pressure: antioxidants in pine oil, such as carotenoids, sterols and polyphenolic compounds, may help reduce inflammation and blood pressure in the cardiovascular system, protecting the body from these potentially fatal health conditions.

Circulation: some of the volatile components of pine needles are necessary for the production of red blood cells, including vitamin A. This can help increase red blood cell production, thus improving circulation and providing essential nutrients to the extremities of the body.

Cognitive Function: the antioxidants contained may reduce plaques in the brain that impair neural connections and impair memory.

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