Respiratory Tract: and conditions of congestion and mucus. It can be taken one or two teaspoons at a time, up to ten times a day, to loosen phlegm in the lungs and sinuses. In winter, draw a few drops into the nostrils each morning to keep the airways clean and moist and combat congestion associated with central heating. Internally, the three-week protocol can help clear mucus from the digestive tract, improve liver function and digestion, and cleanse the skin.

Ear Infections: to accelerate drainage of pus and to disinfect; do not put hydrosol directly into the ear canal, but compress on and around the ear. Follow with one or two drops of lemon eucalyptus and lavandin or lavender spike essential oils applied at 50 percent dilution around and behind the ear and along the neck, repeated three or four times daily. Bleach the ears on the first and fourth days.

Skin Help: beautician's friend rosemary works on the middle layers of the skin, calming irritation, bumps, pimples and roughness from within. In a steam or hot compress, it helps bring impurities to the surface and decongests clogged pores, toning and refining. It clarifies and brightens all complexions and can be combined with rose geranium, lemon balm, chamomile, lemon verbena and carrot seed hydrolates for a serious skin regeneration protocol.

Antioxidant: all rosemary is known for its strong antioxidant properties, and this variety is no different, perhaps with greater freeradical radiation-releasing abilities, although the data are not conclusive at this time. Its antioxidant properties on the skin do not seem to help its shelf life, probably because of the high rH2 factor.

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